Write-protection on mobile hard drive

As known to all, there is a write-protection button on flash disk. After enabling it, users will be unable to write or delete data on the flash disk randomly. Therefore, write-protection is developed to prevent original files from being deleted mistakenly as well as avoid virus attack. As to mobile hard drive, many users complain about not having data protection, and they have to suffer from file loss caused by virus attack or human error. As a matter of fact, write-protection on mobile hard drive has appeared.
Principle of write-protection on mobile hard drive Many users know the application of NTFS enhances file security largely, because it provides different users with different permission. We can convert mobile hard disk to NTFS, and then configure corresponding user permission so as to realize write-protection on mobile hard drive.
How to complete write-protection on mobile hard drive? Step 1: convert mobile hard drive to NTFS format. Specific operations are: select the drive letter of the target mobile hard drive, right click it, choose “Format” function from the popup menu, set file system as NTFS, and click “Start” button to start converting. Some users may worry about data security after formatting. Indeed, formatting will lead to data loss unless users make a backup in advance. Well then, is there a method which can realize lossless conversion? Of course, there is. Currently, professional partition magic can help convert mobile hard drive to NTFS without data loss.
Step 2: right click the drive letter of the target mobile hard drive and choose the function “Properties”. Then, choose the “Security” tab. Step 3: in general situations, there is only one security tab, namely “Everyone” which allows all users to control the mobile hard drive, including reading, writing, and modifying. Since we hope to complete write-protection on mobile hard drive, we need to uncheck the options of “Everyone” and write permission. After that, no matter which computer the mobile hard drive is plug into, users can only perform reading operations. Step 4: add write permission for the mobile hard drive. Specific operations: select the “Security” tab and click the button “Add”. Then, choose “Administrators” (note: it must be a user group rather a single user account) and click “Add”. At last, give administrators the permission of full control.
After these settings, only administrator accounts own the permission of writing data, and common user can only has the permission to read data. Therefore, data security of mobile hard drive is well protected. Now, make write-protection on mobile hard drive by taking these operations.