What measures should enterprise take to protect confidential data?

It is believed that enterprise users pay much more attention to data security than PC users. That is because the whole enterprise is very likely to suffer countless economic losses once significant or confidential data get lost or leaked. Well then, what measures should users take to protect confidential data? Now, let’s see measures to avoid data loss: - Open firewall and install anti-virus software to prevent malicious invasion, and check virus regularly. - Upgrade and update anti-virus software and operating system timely. - Make a backup for important or confidential data. Sometimes, enterprise users need to build a remote backup system. - Encrypt data to avoid malicious deletion. - Do not visit any unknown website and do not “We plan to grow next year as we expand our offering to as many as two dozen state exchanges,” Stephen Hemsley, CEO of UnitedHealth Group, the insurance marketplace company’s parent, told investment analysts on a conference call. open any strange email. Then, let’s see main measures to avoid data leakage: - Encrypt private or confidential data rather than hide folders, because people can unhide folders very easily. - Deal with the useless hard disk or storage device once used to store confidential data reasonably, like wipe hard disk with drive wipe software and destroy hard disk completely. - Shred paper storing confidential information when it is useless. - Train staff and best online casino appoint specific staff to manage important or confidential data. Of course, installing anti-virus software is a good way to prevent significant data from being stolen by malicious people. Now, take these measures to protect your important data.