Use network firewall to maintain computer data security

A network firewall is a kind of software or hardware-based network security system that controls incoming and outgoing network. Data packets will be allowed through, after network firewall identifies that they are secure via scanning. A network firewall establishes a barrier between a trusted, secure internal network and another network (e.g., the Internet) that is not assumed to be secure and trusted.
Though netizens are experiencing massive convenience brought by using networks, with the rapid development of Internet, they have to suffer from other undesired issues such as data security. As we can see, computer data leakage happens every now and then, and network security is the one of the main factors which will pose risks to private data leakage. To maintain computer data security, network firewall is widely used. Just like a moat which can serve many goals, a network firewall can be used to restrict users" access via fixed point, prevent malicious invasions, prevent damage to computer system, etc.
Merits of network firewall 1. Harden computer system security Numerous users collect and interchange information via the Internet, but there must be users who always violate the fixed rule for Internet use. Therefore, computer data leakage issues happen frequently and computer virus gets more and more rampant in information age. To prevent those misconducts on the networks, network firewall plays an indispensable role. With the help of network firewall, only permitted requests are allowed.
2. Effectively record all behaviors on the Internet Since all request information including the incoming or the outgoing must go through network firewall, certain information of computer and network use or misuse is recorded by the system automatically. Via this way, security of protected network can be ensured to the largest extent.
3. Prevent user point from being exposed Network firewall is able to help users prevent users point from being exposed by separating one network segment from another segment. Therefore, infective issue transmission by pathway of network segment can be effectively blocked, and computer data security can be ensured.
4. Act as a checkpoint casino online for all information Since it is hard to identify whether the incoming or outgoing information is secure or not, users need a fully qualified tool to be a checkpoint. Here, a network firewall is the best assistant. Insecure information will be filtered out by network firewall, so computer data security is guaranteed to some extent.
Shortcomings of network firewall Just as every coin has two sides. Besides advantages, network firewall still has defects: 1. Fail to prevent malicious users Though network firewall can prevent proprietary information sending via networks, such information can be copied to hard disk and other storage devices by malicious users, causing great troubles for users. When an attacker is in network firewall system, he can steal confidential data, damage hardware and software and even tamper significant system data without triggering network firewall. In such cases, users can do nothing but strengthen internal data management.
2. Fail to prevent insecure information bypassing firewall As mentioned above, perilous information passing through network firewall can be prevented. However, for information that bypasses network firewall, the firewall system fails to realize effective information prevention. For instance, if dial-in access of internal system behind network firewall is allowed, any dial-in invasion can not be prevented.
3. Fail to prevent all security threats Network firewall can be used to prevent any known threat to computer data security, but it can not help users prevent new threats.
4. Fail to prevent computer virus Due to its own functional limitations, network firewall can not be used to prevent computer virus invasions.