The way to insure data security

Data security means maintaining data safe, and much attention has been posed on computer systems by both individual and business computer users at home and abroad. Under the circumstance that confidential and vital data in computer have been lost, damaged, or stolen, users will suffer a lot from data losses and even economic losses.

There exist a tremendously large number of factors which may pose threat to data safety including the following ones.

1. If suffering system crash, there is every chance that data get lost or damaged severely.
2. Data in computer are likely to become corrupted due to faulty disks, disk drives, or power failures.
3. Data in computer may get lost due to mistakenly or accidental deletion or overwriting.
4. Attacked by malicious viruses, data may get lost or corrupted completely.
5. Threats from unauthorized users may lead data loss or unnecessary change.
6. Of course, there are unavoidable factors which may pose risk to data safety like natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or war.
7. For the purposes of pursuing for profits or other purposes, data might be deleted or changed.

Judging from the factors listed above, there is every chance that users come across data loss situations in daily life and work. Therefore, how to guarantee data security to avoid confidential and significant data loss? We will recommend multiple measures for users as follows:

1. Users are supposed to develop a good habit of making backup for vital data regularly, and the backups should be stored in safe locations.
2. Install powerful anti-virus software on computer and launch them frequently to prevent virus attack.
3. Set a cryptosystem for your confidential data to restrict the access to data.
4. Place the disks with significant data in a safe location, being fireproof and waterproof.
5. Only authorized users can be allowed to get into computer areas by utilizing ID cards or magnetic swipe cards.
6. Maintain terminals off or locked if they are not needed.
7. Make use of write-protecting disk to shun accidental deletion issues.

Furthermore, we will give an example which takes advantage of data security below:

Online banking
Numerous users must have bank online experiences, so they may have noticed that the http in the address bar has changed to https after logging in. actually, it is a symbol of secure connection establishment between users' computer and the bank's computer. During the course of using, the data sent between the two will be encrypted to avoid malicious damage, and the detailed operation is that, if malicious users want to intercept other people's computer, they will receive meaningless data, and the delivered data can only be decoded by utilizing a fixed key which is known only by the two computers – users’ and the bank's.