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My aging computer crashes more and more frequently, so I try to perform excellent partition management so as to improve the situation. I wonder if there are available and easy-to-use tools to realize the operation.

How to Manage Partition under Windows Server

1. Using system built-in partition management tool or command such as: Disk Management and "Diskpart" command. Users who have experienced the two may feel quite disturbed, because both of them are complicated to handle. Moreover, only basic management functions are available, so users pursuing advanced management have to seek other ways. Most importantly, the drawbacks of the tools may make users suffer.
2. Resorting to third-party partition magic server: a piece of powerful partition magic software provides users with not only basic functions, but also high-level management functions. Moreover, users do not need to worry about software reliability will leave negative influence on managed partition data.
After comparison, it is believed that most users would like to choose the second one. There comes a new concern: server partition magic can not be found with ease.

Free Download Partition Magic Server

The selection of software concerns numerous computer users a lot. For instance, once low-qualified software is adopted to manage server partition, users may come across unexpected issues. To avoid the inconvenience, we highly recommend users to download the professional and powerful partition software named MiniTool Partition Wizard:
The screenshot above is the main interface of professional partition magic server. From the interface, users can view all available functions in "Operations" area, also the commonly used ones on toolbar. To perform desired partition management, users just need to choose the partition to be managed and then click corresponding function. If users need to add unallocated space into a partition by using the software, they need to choose the partition to be managed and click "Extend Partition" from left action panel and then operate under the guidance of the software.
We have introduced the amazingly powerful partition magic software as above. If users also need such software, hurry to download it via the quick link here.

How to Hide Partition Storing Confidential Data

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Perform Excellent Partition Management

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Manage Windows Server 2012 Partitions Well

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