Resize drive partition windows server 2008

After realizing that system files and other applications files gradually eat up free space in C drive of my Windows Server 2008 computer, I know that it is time to take effective measures to reclaim free space on system partition. There is still some unallocated space in the disk, so I think of merging the unallocated space to C drive. However, C drive is not adjacent to the unallocated. I wonder if there is any safe way to resize drive partition Windows Server 2008.

How to Add the Unallocated to a Partition

1. Use Disk Management tool
As is well known, the Extend Volume and Shrink Volume features have been introduced to Windows Server 2008 for partition resizing. Can users use the features to change partition size in above situation? Absolutely, they can not. What is the exact reason? Users ought to know that the premise of using them to resize partition is that the unallocated space must be right adjacent to target partition. Since there is a data partition between C drive and the unallocated, users can not use Windows built-in Disk Management tool to perform partition extension.
2. Use Diskpart command
Also, some users propose to utilize Diskpart command. However, it works only when there is unallocated space behind the partitions that need to be expanded. Moreover, it can not move partition. In most cases, the unallocated space is not behind target partition or there is no unallocated on the same disk at all. Therefore, using the command line is not the best solution to resizing partition.
3. Adopt server partition software
Due to the limitations and defects of Windows Server 2008 built-in Disk Management tool and Diskpart, users have to find other ways to perfectly resize partition. Actually, using third-party server partition management software is a good choice. Here, the powerful MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition is highly recommended for users to resize Windows 2008 partition.

Change Windows 2008 Partition Size with MiniTool

Before starting resizing, users need to fulfill software downloading and installation. Then, follow those steps to resize a partition.
1. Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition to open its main interface:
2. In the mapping area of the main interface, choose the partition to be managed (here, choose C drive ) and click "Extend Partition" in left action panel to enter the following interface:
3. Choose the unallocated from "Take Free Space from" tab and drag the sliding handle to get needed capacity of free space. After that, click "OK" button to go back to main interface of the software.
4. Here, users can see that the chosen unallocated space has been merged into C drive, but it is only a preview effect. To apply the partition extension effect to computer, users need to click "Apply" button in the upper left corner.
The process to change drive partition size under Windows Server 2008 has been displayed as above. If users also need partition management, hurry to download MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition.