Reasons for physical bad sector as well as corresponding hard disk maintenance

As we know, bad sector can be divided into 2 categories, namely logical bad sector and physical bad sector. Here, we just talk about reasons for physical bad sector as well as corresponding hard disk maintenance.

In general situations, physical bad sector is caused by illegal operations and incorrect use. Well then, what kind of mistaken operation can result in physical bad sector on hard disk?
1. Illegal shutdown
Sudden power outage is not allowed when hard disk is running, because illegal shutdown is very likely to result in physical bad sector. As known to all, platter of hard disk will revolve at a pretty high speed when computer is running, which is good for magnetic head to read data located in different locations. If power outage emerges suddenly, magnetic head will restore to the normal position rapidly. As a result, magnetic head and platter may heavily rub against each other, thus resulting in platter damage. In addition, users had better not use Windows built-in restart function, because this operation can also make hard disk power-on and power-off suddenly. If users want to restart computer, the correct operating process is to press the startup button after the computer has been shut down for 10 minutes.

2. Dust
Dust does great harm to hard disk. As known to many users, magnetic head is much close to platter. If there is dust on platter, hard disk will be physically damaged in a short time. Moreover, if the computer often works in the area where there is a lot of dust, hard disk is easy to absorb dust from the air. With the increase of dust, heat dissipation will be restricted, thus making the temperature of circuit components increase until these components burn out. In addition, dust can also absorb moisture, which can corrode circuit of hard disk.
Note: common users had better not unpack the cover of the hard disk so as to avoid dust.

3. Vibration
The process of hard disk fabrication is quite complex, and almost all hard disk manufacturers introduce the technology of anti-vibration. However, if the computer often works in the environment where vibration often emerges, physical bad sector caused by vibration can not be avoided thoroughly.

Of course, apart from illegal operations and incorrect use, there are many other factors which can result in physical bad sector, like components aging. Well then, how to perform daily hard disk maintenance?
Aiming at reasons for physical bad sector, users should take the following hard disk maintenance:
-  Shut down computer normally.
-  Try best to keep hard disk far away from dust, moisture, high temperature, and low temperature.
-  Keep the environment where hard disk is working ventilated.

In regard to logical bad sector, we will introduce in another article.