Protect Gmail account

As one free web mail service of Google, Gmail is integrated with Google search technology and it offers more than 15G of storage space. With a Gmail account, users are able to keep important messages, files and pictures permanently. Besides, users can find any desired content quickly and easily in Gmail. Since Gmail account has so many advantages, of course, it wins the hearts of many people. Because of that, Gmail account becomes a victim of cyber hackers. In this situation, effective measures must be taken to well protect Gmail account. In terms of Gmail account protection, Google Inc. offers ten effective measures.
How to protect Gmail account 1.  Use complex password and don’t use the password on any other websites. Google advise users to create a complex password which includes letters, numbers as well as symbols. At the same time, the password prompt is advised to be stored in a safe place. This is a practical solution to Gmail account protection. 2.  Don’t be fooled when some messages tell users to enter a password. Remember that no one is likely to let users enter the password in an email. When transferring to a new page after clicking on the link in email, users are also not expected to enter the password especially when the website page is not similar to them. 3.  Be careful about the red warnings related to suspicious activity of Gmail account. If non-normal access emerges, users need to check the account to ensure security of Gmail account. 4.  Upgrade browsers and operating systems regularly. In general, software companies will release patches periodically to deal with known hacker attacks so as to ensure security. Therefore, timely update is very necessary to protect Gmail account. 5.  Install antivirus software from trustworthy companies. Some scammers claim to offer secure software, but the software they provide will steal users’ information. 6.  Remember to exit Gmail account in public places. This is very important for Gmail account protection. Remember to clear private data and browsing history after using a public computer. Only in this way, can users better ensure security. Once private data are leaked out, users will suffer a lot. Besides, by resorting to the browsing history, malicious people will know some information about users. 7.  Enable “two-step verification” mode for Gmail account. In this way, users need to enter the password as well as a set of numbers received by their phone from Google every time they login the account. This seems to be the most effective measure to protect Gmail account. 8.  Check the forwarding address and “collecting mail account” associated with Gmail account. By clicking “Settings” (in the upper right corner) -> “Account Settings” -> “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”, users are able to check the forwarding address. Similarly, users can click corresponding button to check the collecting mail account. This measure is very necessary for Gmail account protection. 9.  Ensure the real-time update of alternate email and password prompt questions. In this way, users can restore the Gmail account even when they fail to access it.