I originally divided one of the hard disks in my Windows Server 2003 computer into four parts: system partition, data partitions E and F, and some unallocated space. Lacking professional computer knowledge, the unreasonable disk partitioning makes me suffer, especially when I need to install some necessary application programs to partition C. Therefore, I decide to enlarge partition C on Windows Server 2003. Is there any useful suggestion for me?

Increase Partition Size Windows 2003

As is well known, users can use disk management tool and command in Windows operating systems to manage disk partition. However, Windows Server 2003 always disappoints users. Why do we say so? The following are two partition management solutions provided by the system:
Case A: Disk Management tool
Users can open Disk Management tool by click under Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management.
After entering the Disk Management tool, users will view the detailed information about all disks and drives. Here, choose the system partition and right click it. From the pop-up menu, we can see only several basic management functions are activated, and there is no function to extend partition. And the feature Extend Volume which works under specified circumstances is available after Windows 2003.
Case B: "Diskpart" command
1. Click Start button > Run and enter "cmd" to open command prompt tool.
2. Input "diskpart" order in command prompt tool.
3. Input "list volume" order to show all the partitions in computer disk.
4. Input "select volume X" (X represents partition number shown in step 2) to select target partition to extend.
5. Input "extend" order to extend partition.
As it presents, the operation to extend system partition by using "diskpart" command is failed after all complicated steps are done. Obviously the two solutions are not useful to extend Windows 2003 system partition. Thus, users are recommended to use third-party partition magic server MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition.

Use Server Partition Magic to Extend Partition

After downloading and installing the software to computer, launch it to open its main interface.
1. In mapping area, choose system partition – C: drive to be extended and click "Extend Partition" function in left action panel.
2. In this interface, choose an unallocated space or a partition with much unused space left from "Take Free Space from" tab. Then, drag the sliding handle to take free space. After operations are done, click "OK" button to return to main interface of MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition.
3. Here, users can find that the chosen C: drive has been enlarged, but it is only preview effect. To apply the effect, users need to click "Apply" button in the upper left corner.
MiniTool Partition Wizard has successfully finished partition C expansion under Windows Server 2003 within few steps. If users also need to perform this operation, hurry to download the software.

Since it is hard to predict data category and amount, I originally configured the C drive in my computer running Windows Server 2003 to have only 30 GB. As time flies, various kinds of files such application files and temporary files gradually eat up the disk space of C drive. The Low Disk Space issue gets even worse recently. System crash happens frequently. Therefore, I want to perform partition expansion. What can I do to increase Server 2003 system partition without rebooting and shutting down running services?

Necessity for System Partition Expansion

To ensure flexible running of the whole machine, users had better leave a minimum amount of available disk space on the system drive. Generally speaking, to gain optimal performance on Windows, 200 MB threshold is a must. Once users get the Low Disk Space alert, they are supposed to extend partition. Due to the exact concern that rebooting computer and shutting down application programs and running services may bring unexpected troubles, most users dare not randomly use partition management software. Here, we humbly recommend users to try professional server partition magic named MiniTool Partition Wizard with comprehensive functions, wide compatibility and high operability. The software applies to both PCs and Server users.

How to Extend System Partition without Reboot

MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition masterly compensates the drawbacks of Windows built-in disk management tool, and provides users with much more powerful management functions such as "Merge Partition", "Split Partition", "Rebuild MBR", "Align All Partitions" and "Wipe Partition". Here, the example of system partition expansion in Server 2003 by using "Extend Partition" function is explained to users. Step 1: Realize software downloading via certain web page and do installation into proper location. Step 2: Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition to open its main interface: ppla Step 3: In the main interface of powerful server partition software, choose the system partition (Here, choose C: drive), and then click "Extend Partition" from left action panel. Take-needed-capacity-of-free-space Step 4: Choose a partition with much unused space left or an unallocated space from "Take Free Space from" tab. Afterwards, drag the sliding handle to take needed capacity of free space. When settings are done, click "OK" button to return to main interface of server partition magic software.  Make-final-confirmation Step 5: After previewing the partition extension effect, users can click "Apply" button in the upper left corner to let the software execute all pending operations. When previous operations are performed, users are successful to extend C: drive without restarting on Server 2003. If users also need to increase system partition for Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, hurry to download the professional and powerful MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition.

To optimize information management, our company decides to improve the status of computer performance and running efficiency, and the disk space utilization rate is a leading concern. We are supposed to resize system volume with unused space in other volume or the unallocated space, but there is no effective way available. Considering the significance of data stored in the machine, we dare not randomly use dynamic disk management tools on software market. Therefore, we are looking forward an excellent and secure way to change size of dynamic system volume on Windows Server 2003.

Dynamic Disk Management Solutions

It is believed that most users have been disturbed by Low Disk Space issue when they are operating their computer. In such cases, users need to free up some disk space and extend system volume so as to make best use of disk space. Here, we have listed out two commonly used dynamic system volume resizing solutions:
1. Utilize Disk Management tool
Users who have experienced the built-in Disk Management tool must know that it owns functional limitations and drawbacks. For instance, only Simple Volume and Spanned Volume expansion operations are allowed in Server 2003. If users need to extend System Volume/Boot Volume/ Mirrored Volume/ Striped Volume/ RAID 5 Volume, they have to find other ways.

2. Resort to dynamic disk partition software
Emerging as time requires, powerful partition management software – MiniTool Partition Wizard which is able to manage both basic disk partition and dynamic disk volume is highly recommended for users. Moreover, managed partition or volume data security is ensured to the largest degree, for the software provides trustworthy data protection measures.

The following are the step-by-step operational instructions on how to perform system volume resizing on Server 2003:
Step 1: Download MiniTool Partition Wizard and then install it on computer. After that, run the software to open its main interface:
Step 2: In the main interface of dynamic disk partition magic – MiniTool Partition Wizard, choose the dynamic system volume in mapping area, and then click "Move/Resize Volume" function in "Operations" column.
Step 3: In the interface, drag the black triangles leftwards or rightwards to resize volume. Also, users can directly input needed values into corresponding textboxes to gain the same effect. After that, click "OK" button to go back to main interface of the software.
Step 4: Here, users can find that the chosen partition has been resized and a pending operation appears in "Operations Pending" area. If users are content with the effect, just click "Apply" button in the upper left corner.

After reading the introduction to dynamic system volume resizing, users must have been attracted by the high performance of MiniTool Partition Wizard. For more information about certain operation and the software, users can visit its official website.

Recently, our archive management center urgently needs to optimize office computer performance so as to speed up data management. However, few effective solutions can we get. Thus, we wonder where to purchase a piece of partition management software which provides powerful and trustworthy management services within a single business environment at the same time.

Partition Magic Server Unlimited Download

With the gradual maturity of disk management software technology, partition software which can be installed on and used among unlimited number of computers has appeared as time requires. Here, professional partition magic server unlimited – MiniTool Partition Wizard Enterprise Edition is of high recommendation.

MiniTool Partition Wizard Enterprise Edition

Available among unlimited computers, the reliable, valuable cost-effective PC and Server disk management toolkit is specially designed for organizations, companies, schools and governments. It covers all features of MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition. The following are the main merits of the software: 1. Comprehensive and compelling functions: the powerful software is able to perform partition extension even if there is no unallocated space neighboring to target partition, partition merging so as to take better control of partition number, partition splitting for more flexible data storage and administration, etc. Besides the mentioned partition management, the software can manage disk well. 2. Wide compatibility: the partition magic server unlimited is capable of running under various Windows OS including Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012. Moreover, it fully supports file systems such as FAT12/16/32, NTFS and NTFS5. With the software, users can manage partition of removable storage devices such as external hard disk, SD card, etc. 3. High reliability and security: exquisitely developed by professional Canadian software development company – MiniTool Solution Ltd., MiniTool Partition Wizard Enterprise Edition can help fulfill partition management without leaving any negative influences on managed partition data. 4. User-friendly interface and high operability: server users who have limited professional software knowledge can manage computer partition within few steps, and detailed operational prompts are given to make the whole operation much easier. The recommended professional server partition software unlimited – MiniTool Partition Wizard Enterprise is worth owning not only because of its functionality but also because of its high security. Need to purchase it? Just click the quick link here.