Oracle database security

With the continuous progress of network technology and the fast increasing of data information, data security becomes a topic that many people concern about. Since data loss will bring a lot of unnecessary troubles and huge losses, various people want to find feasible measures to protect data.

With the popularization of computer and the development of network, database is no longer an exclusive topic to programmers. Oracle database has occupied a large proportion of database market share by virtue of its high performance, easy operations and flexible features. In the past, we all thought there was no potential data security risk in Oracle database since one slogan of Oracle Company is that “Only the Oracle 9i can be absolutely safe”. Therefore, we don’t pay much attention to finding measures to protect data in Oracle database. Unfortunately, the British security expert David Litchfield discovered that buffer overflow bug caused by program error does exist in Oracle database. Afterwards, PenTest Limited and eEye Digital Security both put forward a bug in Oracle database, pushing Oracle database security into the spotlight as never before. As a result, all Oracle database users will spare no effort to find effective measures to protect data in Oracle database so as to avoid suffering from huge losses.

How to ensure Oracle database security
Speaking of Oracle database security, the majority of Oracle database users have no idea what they should do. However, all users know it is very important to ensure data security of Oracle database. Considering this, we’d like to offer some useful measures to help users ensure Oracle database security.

A philosopher once said: “The change of things is inseparable from internal causes and external causes”. When it comes to Oracle database security, the situation is the same. Now, we will give users some useful data security protection measures from internal aspect.

  • The way to solve the problem of system itself - backup and restore database. As for how to backup Oracle database, there are three standard methods: Export/Import, cold backup and hot backup. Export backup belongs to logical backup, while cold backup and hot backup belong to physical backup.
  • The way to eliminate hidden risk of system - user management and password problem.
    Manage Oracle database user: According to the size of Oracle database system and the required work of database user management, Oracle database security manager should only be a particular user who have the right to create, alter or drop data or a group of users who have these rights. It is worth noting that only those trusted individuals should have the right to manage database user.

Confirm users’ identity: Oracle database users can confirm their identity through operating system, network service or database. Confirming identity through host operating system has two obvious advantages:
1. Users can get access to Oracle database more quickly and conveniently.
2. Users’ identification can be intensively controlled through operating system.