Mobile hard disk data security

As an indispensable device in daily life, DC and DV characterized by digital form are being utilized to store digital information like digital images to ease the information interchange. Since users can use mobile hard disks to interchange information and share audios or photos, mobile hard disks gradually become a preferred storage media.
Due to poor impact resistance and innate instability of magnetic storage devices, there exist threats to data stored in mobile hard disk. As a result, special emphasis must be laid on data security of mobile hard disk.

Strictly speaking, under two kinds of circumstances that mobile hard disk data safety will be threatened: physic impact and human theft. The former will cause damage to the surface of mobile hard disk, which is quite significant since data are stored in mobile hard disk, so data safety can not be secured effectively if mobile hard disk has been lost. Vital data leakage can be engendered by the latter situation. Consequently, manufacturer should focus on the two difficult points.Previously, users mistakenly consider that as long as mobile hard disk can reach the normal speed of 30MB/s, it is a good one, ignore the shell of mobile hard disk and regard the shell as the decoration of mobile hard disk. As a result, users paid little attention to shell material selection. However, it is not the case actually. As a matter of fact, shell material of mobile hard disk still plays a role in disk protection from physical impact besides aesthetic effects. Therefore, special attention must be paid to shell material selection, and metallic material can be used. Shell of such material owns perfect impact resistance, but it has poor deformability which will cause impact to internal part of disk. Nevertheless, shell of plastic with perfect deformability can weaken the impact brought by external impact, so such kind of material can guarantee data safe effectively.

Several ways to maintain data safe
Install 3D anti-seismic chip into mobile hard disk
Nowadays, users are supposed to pay much attention to insure data safe besides storage capacity when using mobile hard disks, because data loss issues occur every now and then as users are using mobile hard disks much more frequently. As it mentioned that, users can choose shell material with excellent performance to protect data stored in mobile hard disk. However, that is not enough, users still need to install 3D anti-seismic chip into disks. This kind of chip can be utilized to avoid damage to the surface of hard disk so as to protect data effectively.

Make use of software and hardware encryption
As is mentioned before, data security can be threatened by physical damage and human reasons, so users need to prevent data from leaking besides physical data stability. Since mobile hard disk is a significant tool for vital and confidential data storage, users begin to lay great emphasis on its capacity of encryption. In conclusion, to protect data, users can make use of software encryption and hardware encryption simultaneously.