Mac security protection

With the emergence of Mac virus, nobody will say Mac is absolutely safe. Therefore, it is very necessary for Mac users to take measures to secure Mac OS X. Here, a series of measures for Mac security protection are provided: - Start Time Machine and back up data timely. After connecting external hard disk to Mac, please find Time Machine from System Preferences, and then make settings. dd - Make security settings in Gatekeeper. The highest security setting only allows people to download apps from the Mac App Store. Default setting allows To further reduce the total service charge, the customer can include an operational replacement hard drive with the incoming shipment: our recovery engineers can restore recovered to the supplied replacement. users to download apps signed by a Developer ID. The lowest security setting allows you to download apps from everywhere. - Install well known anti-virus software and start Firewall to prevent malicious attack. - Encrypt the entire hard drive with AES 128 encryption if your Mac stores quite significant or confidential information. Of course, you can store these data to storage device which is not connected with network. - Disable Java and Flash plug-ins in browsers. - Upgrade operating system, Firewall, and anti-virus software timely. These are just simple measures to make Mac security protection. When I think of new measures, casino online I will share them with all of you timely. If you have any other good measure, share it with us.