Logical bad sector as well as countermeasures

Among all fittings of a computer, we believe users pay most worries to hard disk. Indeed, once a computer starts, hard disk will revolve at an amazing speed. In addition, since current software becomes larger and larger, hard disk is read and written more and more frequently. If users operate mistakenly, errors are easy to appear.

After errors emerge on computer, most users choose to format hard disk or replace hard disk. As a matter of fact, hard disk errors resulting from logical bad sector can be fixed completely without influencing computer use. Before introducing countermeasures of logical bad sector, let’s see what is logical bad sector and reasons for logical bad sector.

Logical bad sector is the very sector which is inaccessible suddenly to disk controller software or operating system. Operating system has to cost a lot of time to read and write data on the logical bad sector, and most of the time users have difficulties in reading the data stored on the bad sector. However, unlike physical bad sector, logical bad sector is repairable. Well then, what are reasons for logical bad sector of hard disk? Main reasons include: virus attack, malware infection, illegal shutdown, software conflict, and so on.

After knowing reasons for logical bad sector, let’s see countermeasures. Here, we just introduce how to fix logical bad sector of hard disk by using Windows built-in disk check tool, namely chkdsk. Some users may say Windows will online casino dgfev run this tool automatically if it founds problems on hard disk when they start Windows, but it is very necessary to launch this tool manually in daily hard disk maintenance.

Specific operations are: open “My Computer”, right click the disk which needs checking, choose “Properties”, select the tab “Tools”, click “Check Now”, check the option “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors”, and click “Start”. After these operations, logical bad sectors will be fixed.


Note: if the hard drive you are operating stores operating system, you will be reminded that it can not be repaired. At this time, you can choose to fix logical bad sectors automatically when you start computer next time.