How to stay safe on open wireless network

Many people have met the situation where the bank calls them to verify a bill which is generated in the place they have never been to. Their bank card is still in the wallet, and they haven’t made any withdrawing recently except online purchase in coffee shop or McDonald. What is the reason? The most probable reason is that their bank account and password are leaked during the process of online purchase in public environment. Therefore, it is very urgent for every user to take effective measure to ensure data security in the process of using an open wireless network. Well then, how to stay safe on open wireless network? Here, we mainly introduce 7 measures. 1. Disable Sharing In home network, you may turn on Sharing to share your music, movies, printers, or other information with others. However, when using an open wireless network, many users forget to turn off Sharing or forget to disable corresponding settings. As a result, anyone surrounding has the chance to hack their PC, laptop or even mobile devices. Therefore, it is very necessary to disable Sharing. 2. Get a VPN If users want to browse on an open wireless network safely, using a VPN is a quite good solution. It can route traffic via a safe network even on open wireless network, thus giving users priorities of private network as well as freedom in open wireless network. Setting up a VPN is good for protecting personal information. 3. Prevent PC or mobile devices from connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots automatically Maybe, you set your mobile devices to connect to any available Wi-Fi hotspot, but it may make your privacy in great danger. Your device may be connected to an unsecure or malicious network where casino online motivated people will steal your sensitive information. Therefore, it is very necessary to disable automatic connection to Wi-Fi hotspots. 4. Use https Generally, many websites transmit information in clear text, which makes it much easy for hackers to hack you computer. Therefore, many websites encrypt data via using HTTPS. With this addon, almost all website connections are protected and safe from prying eyes. 5. Make sure to connect to the right network name If you want to use the open wireless network in a coffee shop, hotel, or restaurant, make sure to connect to the right network, because some hackers may set up a fake Wi-Fi network to confuse users. If you are unsure whether your device is connecting to the right network, ask employees. 6. Turn on Firewall As we know, most operating systems have built-in firewall which takes charge of monitoring connections. Though a firewall can not offer all-sided protections, it plays a good role in protecting data most of the time. We believe most users know how to turn on Firewall. 7. Run anti-virus software and upgrade it timely When you are connecting to an open wireless network, anti-virus software will give you the first alert if there is something unsafe. At the same time, it can also provide users with corresponding solutions.
To stay safe on open wireless network, take measures mentioned above now.