How to prevent personal information from being leaked?

No matter individual users or enterprise users would pay much attention to privacy security. If individual users lose private information, they may encounter much trouble or suffer spiritual losses and economic losses. If enterprises lose private data including information about the enterprise, information about employee, and information about customers, they may suffer serious economic losses or even bear legal liability. Well then, how to prevent personal information from being leaked? Firstly, people need to install some important programs like anti-virus software and anti-spyware. Secondly, encrypt the computer storing private information and encrypt private information. Thirdly, do not allow other people to access private data except managers. At last, erase useless but private or confidential information. However, simply deleting data or formatting the partition storing private data can not be erase data completely since a lot of data recovery software is able to recover deleted data and formatted data. And users need to wipe partition by using special tools which can be found from the internet. Do you have any other suggestions to prevent personal information from being leaked? Share them with us. Let’s avoid privacy leakage better.