How to backup and restore SQL Server 2008

Almost all server users know the important of SQL server, so backing up SQL server becomes a piece of indispensable work. Here, we take SQL Server 2008 for example to show how to backup SQL server and restore SQL server.

Backup SQL Server 2008
1.  Open “Start” – “Program” – “Microsoft SQL Server 2008" – “SQL Server Management Studio” – “Database” successively.

2.  Right click the data which need backing up, and choose “Tasks” – “Back up”.

3.  In the dialog box of Back Up Database, choose “Full” from Backup type, remove old backup and then click “Add…” to set save path for the backup files.

4.  Choose “All Files” from the drop-down list of “File Type” and name the backup file (users had better add date to file name, which is good for future checking).

5.  Click “Option” button on the left side and choose “Overwrite all existing backup sets”.

6.  Confirm backup.
After that, we are successful to backup SQL Server 2008. Then, users would want to know how to restore SQL Server 2008. Next, we will give a brief introduction.

Restore SQL Server 2008
1.  Right click the data which needs restoring, and choose “Tasks” – “Restore” – “Database”.

2.  Choose “Source Device” and click how-to-backup-and-restore-sql-server-2008 button to open the dialog box of Select Backup Devices.

3.  Click “Add…” button to set backup location.

4.  Select the database which needs restoring and confirm operations.

5.  In the Backup sets to restore grid, select the backup to restore.

6.  Choose “Option” and check the option “Overwrite all existing database”.
After that, we are successful to restore SQL Server 2008.
Now, users should know how to backup SQL Server 2008 and restore SQL Server 2008. Just have a try.