Hard disk data security

Nowadays, with the number of mobile hard disk users increasing, data loss situations occur every now and then. Therefore, how to avoid such circumstances so as to lower the losses brought by data loss is quite significant. As is known to all, mobile hard disks appear to suffer data safety damage in situations where the mobile hard disk is damaged physically and data have been lost due to various factors. As a result, to protect mobile hard disk data safety to the largest extent, users are supposed to utilize mobile hard disk appropriately and effectively. Furthermore, we will introduce several techniques to maintain mobile hard disk data safe.
The first one is that users are supposed to set less than two partitions for the mobile hard disk so as to shorten the index time and waiting time when booting the mobile hard disk. What's more, it is not advisable to use Full Speed USB2.0, namely USB1.1; otherwise, users will waste much more time waiting.
The second one is that users are not supposed to defragment their mobile hard disk; otherwise the mobile hard disk may be damaged. If users do need to defragment mobile hard disk, it is recommended that users should copy all data in the mobile hard disk at first before defragmenting the hard disk. When the operation is done, users need to copy the data back to the original hard disk completely.

 The third one is that it is not suggested users select products of low prices. That is because, on the current market, there is a tremendously large amount of mobile hard disks and the quality varies. Generally, the cheaper, the mobile hard disk is inferior to some extent. If users choose a defective one, once they store vital data in mobile hard disk, there is a great chance to come across data loss situations. As a result, users might as well select mobile hard disk of comparatively good quality and price if they want to maintain data safe by avoiding data losses which are likely to bring great losses to users.
The fourth one is that users should not link the mobile hard disk to computer if the mobile hard disk is of common quality. Mobile hard disk is a transient tool, instead of a local disk, for data interchange or storage and it works in bad environment compared with internal disk, so users should shorten the using time. Under the circumstance that users need to unload data, they are supposed to download and sort data with the local disks at first and then copy the data to mobile hard disk. What's more important is that users should not use mobile hard disk to finish the operations mentioned before so as to insure data security.