Google data center security protection

In order to make clients know how they protect data effectively, Google uploaded a video in YouTube to show multiple data center security protection measures they take. Next, let’s see what security measures Google takes.

To begin with, Google employs customized servers which are developed by themselves and run a stripped-down Linux. Google claimed that this set of customized hardware and software reduce the probability of emerging bugs. In addition, before entering locations where data center is or corresponding facilities are, staff should receive a series of identity authentications. And their work cards take the technology of Lenticular Printing, which can ensure the authenticity of the cards so as to prevent counterfeit cards from emerging. In Google data center, they even deploy iris scanning tools to perform identity affirmation.

As to hard disks used to store client data, Google takes a lot of protecting measures. Client data will be stored to multiple places so as to enhance security and files storing these data will be named randomly and adopt non-clear modes to stop these data from being seen by irrelevant people. When fire disaster or other disasters appears in one data center, clients can choose to access data from another data center.

Google will track location and status of all hard disks in data center. When one of hard disks is found with problems, Google will format and retest it. If the hard disk is unqualified after test, it will be abandoned directly, and all data stored on it will be overwritten and cleared to avoid data leakage. Hard disks eliminated from Google data center will be destroyed in 2 steps: firstly, it will be put into crusher, and steel piston will destroy the shape of hard disk platter; secondly, it will be put into pulverizer to receive thorough smash.

After the 2 steps, we believe data leakage will not happen. However, the loss of these client data will bring users great disaster. Therefore, Google will backup these data to magnetic tape. Moreover, Google stuff will take in charge of monitoring data center in real time. Once abnormal situations are found, they will send notice to security officers to deal with these situations timely. It is worth mentioning that Google equips their data center with standby power generation assemblies which will be used in emergent situations. Therefore, even when power supply network goes wrong, Google data center can run normally.

From the introduction and analysis above, we can see Google takes lots of effective and mature security technologies to ensure Google data center security and reliability. Moreover, considering network stability, Google connects data center to the internet via high-speed optical fiber which adopts redundant mode.

Now, all of you should get a basic understanding of Google data center security protection measures.