Explorer data security

Explorer is the most commonly used tool, also an indispensable tool for all netizens. Why do we say so? Without this tool, users can not download needed music and movies. Additionally, users can not realize online shopping, if they have not install explorer on their computer. Therefore, explorer which records all online behaviors is of great importance in connecting netizens to the Internet. However, explorer still has bugs, posing threats to recorded data security.

As news report, security bugs in Google Chrome are exposed and those bugs can be used by malicious websites to cue users. Also, Microsoft has made corresponding declaration that IE 10 and IE 9 have bugs, so they advise users to upgrade their explorer to IE 11 so as to maintain explorer data security.

In the era where e-commerce develops rapidly, an increasing number of users are used to shopping online via mobile terminal. Whether it is secure to purchase via mobile phone and use e-bank on mobile phone or not concerns numerous users. As experts say, current security measures taken on explorer and APP on mobile phone are quite weak. For instance, it will be quite risky if users fulfill online payment without using U shield. Nowadays, U shield with electronic displays is the safest. Thus, users ought to take effective measures to maintain data security when they are shopping online.

Generally, software manufacturers will not immediately fix bugs existing in newly update explorer, so computer virus and hackers can seize the golden opportunity to attack explorer so as to pose risks to explorer data security. Therefore, users are expected to pay high attention to explorer security bug.
User privacy leakage caused by explorer bugs is commonly seen. In such cases, users have to suffer from severe consequences brought data leakage, such as economical losses. Well then, how to prevent explorer from leaking user information? Besides bugs, is there any other menace to explorer data security? Actually, users can get familiar with necessary common sense for explorer data security and lay much emphasis on certain issue. Moreover, update explorer when necessary.
After update, explorer will gain higher performance and compatibility. However, data loss and new bugs may appear, bringing users inconvenience and even unexpected losses. Aiming at the existing security bugs, software manufacturers will release corresponding patches and give some advice. To avoid those issues, users are supposed to take those measures.
Disable active scripting
Prevent inactive links
Use plain text in emails
Reject iffy web pages
Terminate IE explorer processing and disconnect network once IE explorer stops response
Update anti-virus software and firewall

Besides the mentioned solutions, users can also adopt data encryption so as to maintain explorer data security. Though there are various kinds of explorers on the Internet, and security bugs vary, data has been and always will be the protected object for all netizens. Taking preventable measures in advance is recognized to be a great choice and adopting encryption technologies is commonly used.