Encryption technology

In this article, we just make a brief introduction to 2 kinds of encryption technologies, namely Symmetric-key encryption technology and Asymmetric-key encryption technology.

Symmetric-key encryption adopts the technology of symmetrical password coding, and it features using the same secret key to encrypt and decrypt files. Symmetrical encryption algorithm is easy to handle, and secret key is short but difficult to decrypt. Commonly used symmetric-key encryption algorithms are DES, IDEA, RC2, RC4, SKIPJACK, RC5, and AES. Currently, DES is the most widely used encryption algorithm, but IDEA owns better encryption.

In 1976, American scholars Dime and Henman came up with a new key exchange protocol, namely public key system. And we call it asymmetric-key encryption. Different from symmetric-key encryption algorithm, asymmetric-key encryption algorithm needs 2 secrete keys, namely public key and private key. If users encrypt data with public key, only corresponding private key can decrypt data. If users encrypt data by using private key, only corresponding public key can help decrypt data. Therefore, it owns higher security. Nevertheless, asymmetric-key algorithm is quite complex.

Make full use of encryption technology and data security can be ensured effectively.