Email security

Most email users lay little emphasis on email sending and receiving, regarding it as easy to recreate an email account. However, it will be troublesome if users" online communication is always disturbed by malicious users, or they have to dispose of large account of spam every time they log in. Thus, email users ought to spare no efforts to harden email security. Here, several effective measures to harden email security are introduced.
Using digital signature When using shared resources on the networks, users are most likely to leak out their private information. As long as malicious users setting their sights on you, they may steal the private and significant information to make profit. In such cases, email users had better take efficient preventative measures to harden email security like best online casino using digital signature.
The function to use digital signature to confirm addresser and receiver is already available on Outlook Express 5.0. With the help of certain function, email security will be hardened. Well then, the detailed steps to use digital signature in Outlook Express 5.0 are demonstrated here.
Step 1. Create a new mail, and then choose Digital Signature from the Tools tab. After that, a red icon representing digital signature will appear on the right side of addresser column.
Step 2. Click Send button. Here, email users can apply to the system for a new digital signature if users have not asked for before.
Step 3. Generally, the probation period of Microsoft digital signature is three months, and it is easy to get digital signature. Email users just need to fill in correct information, and then the gained digital signature will be applied to Outlook Express 5.0 automatically. The sole digital signature can be used for user identity authentication.
Adding filter Nowadays, email users are always asked to fill in their personal information. That is why spam is more and more rampant. The spam in mailbox including web advertisements and virus-infected emails makes email users suffer. As a matter of fact, email users can make use of the email filtering function to harden email security. Here, how to harden email security in Outlook Express 5.0 is introduced.
Step 1. Users need to click under Tools > Mail Rules > Mail, and then open spam detection to filter out spam.
Step 2. Reject suspicious emails by adding the name of blocked senders.
Preventing email bombs Email bombs refer to certain kind of spam which will send handsome sum of emails to users" mailbox, leading mailbox to be overloaded. Only adopting the commonly used way to filter out spam is not enough to prevent email bombs to explode. Instead, email users need to adopt remote mailbox management function under Tools of Outlook Express to set relative settings.