Disk mirroring and disk image

As known to many computer users, both disk mirroring and disk image can be used to protect data. However, most of them are not clear about these 2 data protecting technologies. Here, we will give a brief introduction.
Disk mirroring Disk mirroring is the process of copying disk volumes to storage devices which have the same functions in real time to ensure continuous availability, consistency, and accuracy, which can enhance fault-tolerance ability and throughput capacity. Disk mirroring is a standalone and complete replication of a certain logical disk volume. Remote disk mirroring can be used for disaster recovery. By making use of different kinds of technologies, users can build disk mirroring in different ways, like synchronization, asynchronization, semi-synchronization, and appointed time.
Disk mirroring is realized by microcode in storage subsystem or by making use of other software. Since microcode is much closely related to hardware, different storage equipment providers make disk mirroring realized in different methods. Real synchronization-disk-mirroring can realize lossless recovery point object while real asynchronization-disk-mirroring can realize recovery point object in several seconds. Disk mirroring is mainly used for data storage of enterprises as well as disk array like RAID 1.
Disk image Disk imaging is the process of replicating data and structure of a disk volume or a whole storage device to another storage device. It is mainly used to backup data, and a disk image is often built by creating a sector-by-sector copy of the source storage device so as to perfectly replicate the structure and contents. As disk images contain contents of the entire disk, they can be huge.
The most commonly used disk image is optical disc image, namely image made from CD or DVD. Simply speaking, optical disc image is the replication of CD or DVD. It is also used to make clones of hard disks. All information is stored in one archive, which can keep the completeness of structure and data.
Getting a further understanding of disk mirroring and disk image, users can make better use of these 2 data protecting technologies.