Data security

Data security is to protect data from damage, change and leakage. There are three basic points of data security, which are confidentiality, integrity and availability. Confidentiality, also called secrecy, means that individual and team data can’t be obtained by unauthorized people. Much software on computer has the relevant settings of confidentiality in order to protect data, such as mail software and web browser. Integrity means ensuring that in the process of data transmission and storage, data will never be changed by unauthorized tampering or can be quickly found after tampering. Availability is a user centered design concept, and the focus is to make the design of products meet the habits and requirements of users. Many factors can generate data security threat, and the following eight are the most common factors:

1. Hard disk drive damage. The physical damage of hard disk drive means data loss. The running wastage of equipment, invalidation of storage medium, running environment and man-made destruction can all lead to hard disk drive damage and data security threat.

2. Wrong operation. Users may delete important files in system by mistake, modify parameters which can affect system running or fail to obey system provisions, and all these may lead to system outage.

3. Hacker. Hackers remotely invade system through internet. Reasons for invasion: system vulnerability and ineffective management.

4. Virus. The situation where computer system is damaged because of virus infection emerges frequently, and this will cause huge economic losses since computer virus has strong replication ability and infection ability and it can be fast transmitted on the internet.

5. Information stealing. Information can be copied and deleted and even computer can be stolen.

6. Natural disaster. Natural disasters like flood and earthquake can damage our data and information.

7. Power failure. If there is a failure in power supply system, an instantaneous overload electric power will damage data in hard disk or storage device.

8. Magnetic disturbance. Magnetic disturbance means that important data can be damaged when contacting magnetic materials.

All factors above can generate data security threat. Therefore, computer users must pay high attention to data security. Once important data get lost, it is too late to regret not protecting data in advance. But if it really happens, users can use data recovery software to recover lost data as much as possible. A piece of powerful and professional data recovery software can help users with almost all kinds of lost data recovery. Besides, unlike data recovery companies, data recovery software will never threaten data security.