Data security of OA system as well as countermeasures

Generally, the longer OA system is used, the more data it stores. Data stored in OA system are always quite important for an enterprise. If these data get lost or damaged, it means enterprises have to cost lots of time to recollect data, thus suffering much inconvenience or even serious economic losses. Therefore, users should pay attention to data security of OA system. Here, we list some commonly seen security problems of OA system as well as give countermeasures.

Data security
The most commonly seen data security problems include data damage, data loss, and data leakage.

  • Data damage
    Hard disk damage, system crash, sudden power outage, virus attack, or other factors can result in data damage.
    Countermeasures: backup data regularly according to update frequency. In addition, to avoid data damage caused by hardware damage, users should make remote data backup at a fixed interval (back up data to storage devices except OA server). For large OA system, users can consider dual hot standby.
  • Data loss
    Mistaken operation, illegal invasion, system instability, malicious attack, and other threats can lead to data loss.
    Countermeasures: enhance security settings of operating system, test security of OA codes, perfect security setting of database system, and backup important data locally and remotely at a fixed period.
    Note that data loss and data error are quite different. Data error is always caused by logical running error of apps while data loss may result from OA system security threats.
  • Data leakage
    Data leakage can be caused by different kinds of factors. For example, there is storage security bug; security control is not applied to corresponding apps; server is invaded illegally; transmitted information is leaked in the process of internet access.
    Countermeasures: enhance security settings of Server operating system, enhance identity authentication security and control, test security of OA codes, promote security setting of database system, encrypt and store important data, and perform encryption transmission when data are based on internet.

Identity authentication security
Identity authentication security is easy to be neglected but very important. If there are bugs in identity authentication of apps, attackers will be given chance to launch attacks. In addition, account leakage, password leakage, unauthorized operation, and many other factors can result in data loss and data leakage.
1. Make users log in server via USB-KEY mode and deploy authentication server in OA server.
2. Preset service time or adjust use permission according to actual demands.
3. Record operations in detail, including operator, time, place, operating mode, and other information. Detailed operating records can help trace reasons for data leakage effectively.

OA server and network security
If attackers have gained super user permission, the whole system will be exposed totally. Therefore, server security and network security are the first protection for data security of OA system.
1. Enhance network security so as to reduce invaders’ attacking ways.
2. Install anti-virus software and Trojan killing tool.
3. Furthest close unnecessary service and ports.
4. Pay close attention to server running state. Once it is found abnormal, users should find reasons and take corresponding measures as soon as possible.