Data security issues

With the development of economy, data security is gradually becoming a burning concern for numerous home users and business users. Just because, if this issues cannot be tackled appropriately, there is a great chance that users suffer from great losses. Therefore, to let users know more about how to keep data safe, we will introduce the following aspects:
Several features of data security

Secrecy, namely confidentiality means that personal or group information should not be attained by others. Users can change the security settings of email and website explorer to maintain data safety. Furthermore, spy files and hackers are likely to pose risk on data security.

Integrity, which is always confused with confidentiality, means insuring the data cannot be altered or the already changed data can be discovered rapidly during the course of transmitting and storing data or information. We will take encrypting numerical information with common RSA as an example. Hackers or malicious users are likely to realize linear computing, thereby changing the specified values of numerical information even under the circumstance that they have no confidential password to the confidential files.

Availability, a user-centered concept, focuses on catering for the habit and demands of users. For instance, the design of internet website aims to let users exert its function efficiency instead of being distressed during the process of browsing the website.

Since data security is quite significant for best online casino users, users need to figure out the exact potential threats to data security thereby maintaining data safe as much as possible. The following are several commonly seen threats to data security:

Hard drive damage
Operation consumption of facilities, failure in storage medium and operating environment and human damage are likely to influence hard drive thereby generating data loss.
Human errors
Users are likely to mistakenly delete vital files due to false operations, which can alter the values and may affect system operating, and inappropriate operations, which are not consistent with regulations.
Hackers or malicious users may intrude into system via leaks and inefficiency of management.
Virus attack seems to bring great economic losses to users due to its features like high ability to duplicate, and being infectious.
Information stealing
Malicious users may duplicate, delete or steal data stored in computers.
Natural disaster
Power failure
When system suffers power failure, the data on hard disk or storage devices may be damaged due to overloaded electricity.
Magnetic disturbance
The magnetic objects are likely to damage hard drive, so users should avoid exposing the vital data to magnetic things.