Data security in open wireless network

If you desperately need an internet connection while your own network is useless or down, what should you do? We believe many users will say they can connect to an open wireless network since there are many hotspots. Well then, have you ever thought of data security in open wireless network? Is it safe to connect to an open wireless network? We can say definitely data are in great danger especially when users are transferring sensitive information. If the wireless network they use is unsecure, anyone has the chance to grab information sent over the wireless network. That is to say your laptop or mobile device is opening to anyone on this wireless network.
When users log in a website or use an app to send data in clear text over the open wireless network, information about their logging or information they send is very likely to be captured and stolen by motivated people. For example, if you send important or confidential emails over an unsecure open wireless network, hackers or any other motivated people can access your emails to steal confidential or personal information. In addition, if firewall of your laptop or mobile device is not enabled or you forget to disable Sharing, a hacker will be given the chance to access computer or mobile device to visit or even steal your sensitive information and launch spam.

It is reported that anyone who costs dozens of dollars can master all about an open wireless network, capture information transferred on it, and decrypt and view data on wireless network devices. Well then, is it legal to use other’s open wireless network? Without owners’ permission, you will be illegal to use their wireless network, and many unauthorized access activities have been fined or accused. In addition, even if you are using an open wireless network specially set up for guests, you should pay much attention to data security. After all, hotspots are typically open to the public.
However, though there are many potential risks by using an open wireless network, we need to or have to use it. What we should do is take measures to furthest ensure data security in open wireless network. In another article, we will introduce how to stay safe in open wireless network.