Data security in cloud computing

With the definition of cloud data storage emerging, it pleases numerous users, because it arms users with new power in the battles with malware, keyboard logging and pc detection software. After users have transferred the digital information into cloud, they overlook the exact measures to insure data security in cloud computing. Though it will not be that hard to maintain data safe in cloud when compared with the operation to protect data with security fence, it still will not as easy as strolling in the park. Consequently, to avoid puzzles and terror for new technology, we will share ten effective ways to insure data safety in cloud computing.     Password first In the ideal situation, a service or website has a sole set of permitted username and password. Just because, if all sets of username and password are identical, there is a great chance that other sets will be exposed under the circumstance that one of the sets is stolen. Data security checking While users are setting access permissions, they are supposed to avoid choosing questions with easy answers at first sight. Therefore, it is highly recommended users set trickier and flexible questions. For instance, if users have set the question "where were you when you were a girl?" they might as well select "yellow" as the answer. Encryption Be available or not, data encryption is advisable. However, to encrypt data in cloud computing, users are supposed to make great efforts and acquire code certificate. As a result, it is quite hard to obtain it. Passwords management Since there are a tremendously large number of passwords and usernames to be taken care of, it is necessary for users to own an application or software at hand in order to manage these passwords and usernames. The powerful Last Pass will be a good choice for users. Backing up data at once It sounds weird that users are supposed to back up data in hard disk if they would like to maintain data safe in cloud, but it is what users do need to do. Only by doing this, can users get the chances to restore vital data in cloud, so if they come across data loss situations, they can realize data recovery directly from the backup. Timely deletion Actually, it is an indispensable job for users to delete valueless data timely, because no one knows whether the data will pose risk on data security especially when these data are related to bank account. Therefore, to maintain data safe in cloud, we suggest deleting valueless data timely, and making it impossible to threat data safety to some extent.