Data Security

With the promotion of informatization construction, the application of information technologies and systems gets wider, and data amount soars. Naturally, data security becomes a leading concern for all enterprises. Once suffering from DDoS attacks, Trojan, computer virus, worms, etc, enterprises may have taken firewall systems, intrusion detection devices, gateways, data encryption software and other hardware devices so as to harden enterprise data security. Well then, what kinds of technologies can be used to protect enterprise data at present? Here, we would like to introduce transparent data encryption software, document right management software and outgoing file management system. Transparent Data Encryption Software The transparent data encryption software mentioned here does not refer to individual data encryption software that can be randomly downloaded from the Internet. As a matter of fact, those kinds of software can only perform "pseudo data encryption", and the encrypted data can be decrypted, leading vital files to be lost and bringing economical losses. It is extremely necessary for enterprises to encrypt the vital file data such as source code, graphic design sketches, circuit design diagram and audio files data from product development department and product design department of the enterprises. Moreover, enterprise managers are supposed to pay high attention to file data security during the course of file usage, storage and delivery. With the gradual maturity of transparent data encryption technology, transparent data encryption software is flourishing on current software market and Smartsec is preferred by many enterprise users. Document Right Management Software For individual users, they can employ the Windows Rights Management Services and Information Rights Management to prevent malicious users from misusing emails and Office texts (Including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) by forwarding and copying. And DRM (Data Rights Management) is commonly taken by foreign individual users so as to manage document access rights. Actually, the mentioned document right management measures are far from being enough for enterprise users to maintain enterprise data security. Instead, enterprise managers should take more advanced document right management software or professional document right management systems to harden data security of enterprise. Outgoing File Management System Enterprises will inevitably run high risk of leaking out confidential enterprise data if they leave aside the outgoing file data which will be send to business partners or employees on business. For the sake of enterprise data security, adopting outgoing file management system is a highly suggested measure. On current software market where outgoing file management software is overflowing, it is easy to find a fully qualified one to protect enterprise data security and the E-Safenet is a piece of outstanding software.