Data protections for SME

Nowadays, data of SME (small and midsize enterprise) are larger and larger and also more and more important. Therefore, data protection becomes a big concern for SMEs. In general, enterprises employ professionals to perform effective protections so as to ensure data security. Well then, what measures can be taken for data protections for SME?
Firstly, eliminate wildcard characteristics of Grant Table on server. Generally, access controlling system of server runs via a series of grant tables which can define accessing level of every user. However, eliminating wildcard characteristics will increase risks to some extent, because some hackers or Trojan programs can visit other files on server through some stolen accounts. Therefore, server managers should distribute authority according to position and labor division of each person, which can prevent data loss situations caused by account breach effectively.

Secondly, set a high-level password for server.
When setting passwords, server managers should set a fixed password for every people who can use this server, and the password can not be set as blank. Moreover, password should be complex enough to avoid cracking. At the same time, secure – auth should be enabled to prevent users from using old style or unsecure password format.

Thirdly, check permission of server configuration files.
For sake of convenience, many users save passwords to the folder called per – user or choose to make the server remember password. As a result, server password is easy to be stolen.

Fourthly, install anti-virus software and open Windows firewall.
At last, backup important data regularly, and incremental backup is a good solution.

Are you a manager of a SME? Try taking these useful data protections for SME.