Data protection before and after iPhone gets lost

All of you must be familiar with iPhone no matter iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, or iPhone 5. ssiPhone users, have you ever thought of the situation where your iPhone storing a lot of private data gets lost because of your own carelessness or stealing? It is believed that nobody is willing to encounter this situation, but it emerges frequently. For many users, they can buy a new one after the old one gets lost, but they may suffer much trouble and inconvenience because of iPhone privacy leakage. People picking up or stealing your iPhone may threaten you by using your private information or use your iPhone to send phishing information to your friends and families. Therefore, it is quite necessary to take some measures to protect private information of iPhone before iPhone gets lost. 1. Set a password for your phone once owning it. 2. Set the iPhone to delete all data when the password is incorrectly entered multiple times. It depends on your own desire. 3. Activate the tool Find My iPhone with an iCloud account. Even if your iPhone has got lost, you can take some measures to protect data. Like: - Change your other online passwords timely, like email passwords, iTunes passwords, and online banking passwords. - Use MobileMe or some other tracking apps to delete private data of your iPhone remotely. - Ask policeman for help rather than find lost iPhone by yourself. Of course, in addition to privacy protection, you need to call Cell Phone Company and ask representatives to suspend your iPhone so as to prevent all charges incurred by the thief.