Data leakage prevention

A research shows that the vast majority of data breach situations which happen in enterprises are caused by internal employees’ actions. Aiming at this research, we give some corresponding methods for data leakage prevention.
1. Perform encryption maintenance to server. DNetSec takes charge of server group maintenance. DNetSec is made up of hardware and software. Hardware is gathering server which has high performance while software is document security gateway software. DNetSec automatically suspends decoding documents loaded to server and automatically suspends encrypting documents downloaded from server.
2. Set limitations to documents which will be sent to employees. Files sent to employees who are on a business trip can not casino be read until identity authentication is made. At the same time, users can restrict times of reading these documents.
3. To manage the notebook computer which stores confidential data, we can encrypt disk.
4. Inner port management and mobile device management. Set limitations to all ports and mobile devices and encrypt documents which can be copied to mobile storage devices.
5. Deal with obsolete hard disk reasonably. If the hard disk once stored data which are not allowed to be seen by others, we had better totally destroy the hard disk or wipe it with specific tools.

Today, we just talk about these methods for data leakage prevention. When new methods are found, we will share them with all of you.