Data archiving technology

Benefits brought by data archiving technology 1.  Data protection: Data archiving with professional and highly secure business data storage system is able to ensure users" significant data security. 2.  Mass storage: With flexible storage media configuration (at least 2TB), data archiving can meet users" demands for large capacity data storage. 3.  Secure access path: Only authorized users with digital certificate can access and manage the archival data. 4.  Centralized data management: Users are able to realize centralized management for different types of business data in archiving system. 5.  Data audit: Based on retrieved result, users can conduct data audit without impinging on archival data. 6.  Network storage: Users can access and store data of branches remotely based on TCP/IP environment. 7.  Full-time service: Data archiving system provides users with 24/7 service. Application of data archiving technology Since data archiving technology owns too many merits, it is universally used in various fields including lottery industry, health care system, public security, prosecution, court and state security systems, educational system, informatization construction of archives, certificate storage query system, etc. Well then, we"d like to introduce certain application in several fields. 1.  Lottery industry Currently, lottery authorities usually archive data via optical disc burning. However, the archival data on disc can online casino be changed. For instance, users can modify data files archived in disc when the disc is open. Moreover, the archival data can be tampered online casino if users burn disc again. Thus, using optical disc to archive data makes little sense if users want to maintain archival data security. However, by using data archiving technology, users can realize automatic, real-time and batching data archiving, so as to ensure that archival data can not be tampered or deleted. Moreover, data archiving technology can patch the bugs existing in current data archiving methods. 2.  Health care system With the continual development of informatization construction of health care system, essential information like medical records has been electronized. However, it is still hard to maintain information reliability during the course of eletronization management. As we can see, there are many cases that medical records are tampered and even destroyed, for the medical records play a significant role in imputation process. Since eletronized medical records, medical instructions, prescriptions stored on computer are easy to be modified, such information is of low credibility. Nevertheless, data archiving overwhelmingly improves the situation. Once information like medical records is archived through data archiving technology, it is impossible to change the archival data, increasing credibility of eletronized medical records, medical instructions, and prescriptions. 3.  Educational system Currently, archive informatization construction for schools, which is based on database, computer, optical disc and magnetic disk, has too many defects. For example, data security is a leading concern. Employing database as the main storage way, certain kind of informatization construction system is vulnerable to computer viruses and hijackers, though data protection measures are adopted. Data stored on computer are most likely to be tampered by managers. That is why there are so many fake credential issues. However, via data archiving technology, the archival data in school information system cannot be changed.