Create server 2003 disk partition

I am disturbed by disk partitioning issues for my newly bought Windows Server 2003 computer. How many partitions should I create for a hard disk? Which kind of file system should I configure the partitions to have? Having experienced the severe subsequences brought by unreasonable disk space allocation, I wonder an excellent way to create Windows Server 2003 disk partition, so as to avoid low disk space issues or other troublesome issues.

Rational Disk Partitioning is Significant

Many practical experiences have told us the importance of partitioning hard disk in a reasonable way. Providing that there are too few partitions, it will cause users trouble when it is necessary to sort data, lowering data management flexibility and data security. On the other hand, the more partitions there are, the lower hard disk performance will get. Moreover, the information loading speed will be decreased, for system will load information from every partition when boot. Therefore, reasonable partition space distribution plays a crucial role in subsequent data management, system performance and other aspects. In such cases, a piece of disk partitioning software is in dire need. Though there is an inconceivably large amount of such software on market, corresponding performance is hard to identify for most computer users. Once inferior software is used, users may suffer from unexpected troubles. Here, an excellent server partition management tool – MiniTool Partition Wizard is highly recommended for users.
With the help of the software, users can easily perform both basic and advanced partition and disk management operations so as to maximize system performance and optimize information management. It enables users to reasonably create partition according to actual demands. Here, we would like to introduce how to avoid low disk space issue on system partition when users are creating disk partition.

Rationally Create Disk Partition with MiniTool

Figuring out the exact practical demands is the first step. After that, download and install the software to proper location. Then, take the following steps:
1. Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard to open its main interface:
2. In the main interface, choose the unallocated space to create new partition and click "Create Partition" from left action panel.
3. In this interface, users are entitled to set partition format, drive letter, file system, cluster size, partition size. To avoid confronting with the mentioned low disk space issue on certain drive, users need to configure it to have more capacity. After settings, click "OK" to go back to main interface of the software.
4. Here, users can see a partition appears in disk mapping area. If it is as expected, users can click "Apply" button to apply it to computer. (However, if a partition is too large, users can also use other features of the software to resize partition, so as to maximize disk space utilization.)
The recommended server partition manager performs Windows Server 2003 disk partition creation within a few steps. Besides the used function, other powerful features such as merging partition, splitting partition and rebuilding MBR are provided by the software. If users also want to manage server partition well, reference the quick link here to gain MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition.