Can we recover files via modifying registry?

Nowadays, computer users begin to pay more and more attention to data security. However, no matter how careful they are, their important files may be lost due to this or that kind of factors. After important files get lost, we believe almost all users hope to recover files so as to minimize or even avoid losses brought by file loss. Therefore, we often see problems of file recovery on the internet. Of course, users are always given lots of solutions, among which recovering files via modifying registry grabs my attention. The contributor to this file recovery solution shows users detailed steps: 1.  Click “Start” – “Run” and input “regedit” to enable registry. 2.  Unfold HEKEY – LOCAL – MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/WINDOWS/CURRENTVERSION/EXPLORER/DESKTOP/NAMESPACE successively, and then click “Create” in the blank area. Select “Home” button and name it “645FFO40 – 5081 – 101B – 9F08 – 00AA002F954E”, and then set the default value of the “Home” button as “Recycle Bin”. After that, quit from Registry. 3.  Reboot computer. Driven by curiosity, I decided to try recovering files via modifying registry. But disappointingly, I failed, so I searched on the internet for reasons. From the intent, I found items under “desktop/namespace” represent corresponding icons on the desktop. For instance, “450D8FBA-AD25-11D0-98A8-0800361B1103” represents “My Document”, and “645FFO40-5081-101B-9G08-00AA002F954E” represents “Recycle Bin”. If icons on desktop get lost, we can restore lost icons through creating new items. Therefore, this is the method for recovering the deleted icon of “Recycle Bin” rather than recovering deleted files. When important files get lost, what should users do is download data recovery software or ask data recovery companies for help to recover files rather than modifying registry randomly.