Automatic fingerprint authentication

Although cipher system is widely used to protect data in communication process, it has two obvious defects. The first one is that the passwords used by users to protect keys are difficult to remember. The second one is that the passwords are likely to be deciphered by hackers easily through a variety of methods. As a result, a safer method – combining automatic fingerprint authentication with cipher system is needed to improve the situation.

Automatic fingerprint authentication technology
Biometric authentication means that the identity authentication will be finished by making use of the biological characteristics, such as voice, fingerprint, iris and signature. With the development of computer technology and the continuous improvement of various algorithms, automatic fingerprint authentication technology becomes an accurate, fast and efficient authentication method that has been used widely in a lot of fields.

Based on the theory of pattern recognition, automatic fingerprint authentication technology is used to realize identity confirmation according to fingerprint by using computer and image processing technology. The reason why automatic fingerprint authentication technology can be used to confirm identity is that every fingerprint is unique and will not change for a life time. Recently, with the continuous development of image processing, pattern recognition and computer science, the performance of automatic fingerprint authentication system has been enhanced greatly. Besides, the application fields of automatic fingerprint authentication system are extended from original legal field and public security filed to financial field and information security field. Fingerprint authentication system can be used as a method to confirm computer users; it can be used as an information security technology to access network resources; it can also be used in the ATM card and credit card of banks.

In general, it will take two steps for a fingerprint authentication system to confirm users’ fingerprints. Firstly, system will take out the corresponding pattern fingerprint features from fingerprint database according to the information, such as name and username provided by users. Secondly, system will match the fingerprint inputted by users with the pattern fingerprint to determine whether these two fingerprints are from the same finger so as to confirm users’ identity.

Advantages of fingerprint authentication
Compared with conventional password authentication, fingerprint authentication has incomparable advantages. For hackers, the password is easy to be deciphered. However, the uniqueness of fingerprint combination makes it almost impossible to be deciphered. In this way, users’ keys can be stored safely in key distribution center. Apart from that, users can employ several fingerprints to perform multi-layer encryption to RSA private key in order to achieve higher safety performance.

In fingerprint authentication process, the fingerprint gray scale image inputted from client will be transmitted over the network to key distribution center after the feature points have been extracted. This can not only reduce the burden of network transmission, but also improve the speed of fingerprint authentication. We can imagine that automatic fingerprint authentication technology will be used more and more widely in the near future.