Analysis of data security requirements

With the continuous development of information technology, the importance of data security is increasing steadily. Different kinds of data should be protected through different kinds of data safety construction in order to achieve high security in the entire data area. Obviously, correct analysis of data security requirements is the premise of data safety construction. As a result, the analysis of data security requirements has to be made for the sake of the security protection of the whole data system.

A brief analysis of data security requirements
As far as we are concerned, the analysis of data security requirements needs to be made on the basis of the three existence forms of data. The first form is stored data. The stored data is the normal existence form of data. The second existence form of data (data exist in the form of dreaming) lies in the transmission process. Data can only be exchanged through transmission and only in this way, can data play its role. The third existence form of data lies in the medium, which is used to carrying data. Computer hard disk, disk, USB flash drive and CD-ROM are some common data storage media. After introducing the three existence forms of data, we are going to show readers the analysis of data security requirements from these aspects.
1.  Data storage protection requirements: the stored data should be protected well and the most simple and effective means of protection is encryption. Encryption technology can make data not able to be read properly. After encryption, data will exist in the form of ciphertext, making it difficult for illegal users to read. As a technology with a long history, encryption contains two main processes: convert plaintext into ciphertext through encryption algorithm and encryption key; convert ciphertext back into plaintext through decryption algorithm and decryption key. At present, data encryption is still a reliable way used in computer system to protect data. Encryption is an essential technique for the sake of secure data storage.
2.  Data transmission protection requirements: data is transmitted in a communication link in accordance with proper procedures. Data can be transmitted between data source and data host through one or casino online more communication links. Data leakage is the most direct security problem in data transmission process. Interception is actually a simple way to cause data leakage. Interception means the building of a data cable, which can get access to a communication link. In this way, malicious people can get all data without letting data communication parties know. Therefore, we have to take effective measures to protect data transmission on the communication links in order to ensure the security of data transmission.
3.  Data storage medium protection requirements: data storage medium refers to the substance used to store data. In fact, data can be stored on the medium for a long period of time. When data don’t need to be stored anymore or after they have been transferred to other safe locations, how to deal with the data left in previous medium becomes a problem that we have to consider seriously. If we discard the medium arbitrarily, we are likely to cause data leakage. Even if we choose to delete data stored on the medium, it is hard to ensure that there is no residue. Therefore, we should also think over the problem of how to protect data medium properly.