Activate Windows Defender of Windows 8

Compared with former Windows operating systems, Windows 8 is much more secure. Well then, what make Windows 8 much safer? They are the enhanced emphasis on UEFI Secure Boot optimization, the extension of the SmartScreen Filter, and the default inclusion of a more powerful Windows Defender. Today, we just talk about how to activate Windows Defender of Windows 8.
As known to many users, Microsoft allows OEMs to deactivate Windows Defender. However, Windows 8 will not reactivate Windows Defender automatically by default. Therefore, it is very necessary to know how to activate Windows Defender of Windows 8. Detailed steps are as follows:
Activate Windows Defender of Windows 8Firstly, open the modern-style Start interface and input “Windows Defender” to search this program. Then, click on the “Windows Defender” icon. After that, the operating interface of Windows Defender will emerge on the classic desktop. If security software of Microsoft is disabled, you will see scared red, and PC status is at risk, as the left screenshot shows. At this time, we need to click “Settings” tab and make “Real-time Protection” option on the left selected and turn on it (highly recommended). At last, click “Save Changes” button at the bottom to save all changes we made.
After we activate Windows Defender of Windows 8, it is very necessary to check for leaks. Choose Update tab and click the button “Update” in the middle of the interface to download the latest malware. Next, open Home tap and choose “Full” button. After that, click “Scan Now” button to start scanning. Under this situation, what users need to do is waiting for the completion of scanning. After scanning, take corresponding measures according to prompts to deal with leaks.