Access database security protection

Database is extremely important for Web, so the download of database is a devastating thing for Web. By downloading database, attackers are able to get sensitive data, such as the account and password of administrator, and then implement further attacks.
Access database is the first choice of much small database software due to its simple structure, complete functions and convenient operation and maintenance. Because of that, Access database becomes the target of various attackers. Whether in computer or network use, security is always an important part in the development process of database application system. In fact, the efficiency of Access database security protection is one of the main performance indexes to evaluate the quality of Access database application system. As a result, much attention should be paid to Access database security protection.
How to realize Access database security protection Considering that most users know nothing about Access database security protection, we offer them five feasible ways. 1.  Rename the database: this process is made up of two parts. The first part is that users should rename the database with uncommon words. The name of database should be as long as possible. Besides, special characters are advised to be added into the database name, making it hard for attackers to guess the exact name of database. The second part is that users should change the suffix of database name from .mdb to .asp so as to prevent database from being downloaded by attackers. After that, the database connection configuration files should be modified as well. 2.  Change the path of database: all site systems are equipped with a default database path, so they can be easily attacked. Therefore, users need to create a relatively uncommon directory under the site directory, and then copy the database files to the newly created directory. Of course, users need to modify the database connection files of site system after the change of database path. In general, the database connection files of asp beste online casino site system are named as conn.asp. Opening this kind of files, users are able to modify them on the basis of actual situation. 3.  Set directory permission: for the sake of effective Access database security protection, users have to minimize the access right of database directory so as to avoid abnormal accesses. Since Web program is running through IIS users, we only need to give read and write permissions to IIS users. Then, the execute permission of this directory needs to be removed by using “IIS Manager”. 4.  Add the extended mapping of mdb: as for the file types which can’t be resolved, IIS will pop-up a download dialog box to allow users to download. At this time, users can add extended mapping of mdb to “IIS Manager” to prevent database from being downloaded. 5.  Transform database: database transformation process: the suffix of database should be changed from .mdb into .asp, and then a table named NotDownLoad should be added to database so as to avoid downloading.