9 effective measures to protect data of Android

Among different types of intelligent terminal systems, Android unquestionably takes a leading position. But at the same time, Android users have to suffer the most serious malicious attack. Therefore, it is very necessary for Android users to take some protective measures. Here, we introduce 9 effective measures to protect data of Android.

1. Install anti-virus software: on Google Play, users can find lots of anti-virus software, and they can choose the most suitable one according to actual demands.
2. Set a password for Android device: many Android users often forget to set a password for their Android device, which provides attackers with a good chance. And setting passwords can increase difficulties in invading Android device.
3. Pay close attention to the latest malware: it is quite important to pay close attention to Android security news. Nowadays, it seems Android security problems emerge every day, bringing Android users great threats. After knowing these threats, users can take effective measures to protect data of Android.
4. Browse safe sites only: it is reported that the biggest reason for malicious attack of Android is browsing unsafe sites, so it is very urgent to avoid unsafe browsing.
5. Download information or apps from reliable source: though Google Play provides users with lots of excellent apps, some malware is mixed. If users download apps from unreliable source, they are easy to suffer malicious attack.
6. Pay attention to network security: some users often connect Android device to enterprise network which owns sensitive information, which may bring great Android security problems. Please use effective VPN and access enterprise data from reliable network.
7. Install mobile phone tracing app: when users forget where Android is placed or Android device is lost, mobile phone tracing app can help find it or wipe data in Android remotely to avoid data leakage.
8. Update Android timely: Google often releases updates regularly to solve corresponding Android security problems, but many users are unwilling or forget to update their software and system. If Android can not be updated, it will be in quite dangerous situations.
9. Encrypt important information: if users have encrypted important data, they do not need to worry about data leakage even if their Android device is lost or stolen.

Now, take these 9 effective measures to protect data of Android device.